Cirque Du Soleil

Cirque Du Soleil

Eight time winner of the greatest Production Show for Mystére, Circque Du Soleil can also be winner of a number of other awards, including a Bambi Award, Primetime Emmy Awards and three Gemini Awards. The Cirque Du Soleil Circus at present has five permanent shows within the city of Las Vegas and is going to have 3 more shows. Due to the fact the initially the permanent Las Vegas productions failed to open till the year 1993, the phenomenal success from the company is laudable.

Just before Las Vegas, the organization had several many years of struggle and financial setbacks. Many times, Cirque Du Soleil (literally Circus from the Sun) narrowly escaped financial ruin. To look from those beginnings to some estimated annual revenue of 600 million dollars. In Las Vegas alone, the earlier Cirque Du Soleil performers have over 9000 people as audience every day. That’s about one in most twenty individuals who visit the town daily.

Although Cirque Du Soleil features a recognizable creative style in each one of the productions in both touring or permanent performances, each one of the Las Vegas and touring shows can also be unique unto itself. This creative montage is a result of different talents overseeing and designing the productions through the years. Here are a few of the shows that have made the Cirque Du Soleil probably the most recognized brands in the whole world.


The very original Las Vegas productions opened in the year 1993 in the Casino and the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas. This show is known to change the outlook of entertainment within the city. A 72 member cast dances, sings, and does comedic and acrobatic routines.


Located in the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, this show is definitely an aquatic marvel performed by 81 international caliber musicians and artists in, around and above a pool of just one and a half million gallons of water. The theme from the show is really a tribute to theater with the ages. This show has won the very best Production Show Award during the last two years.


50 performers wear this production focused on love. Those who have loved, hopes to love, or is loved will love this eclectic show. The venue may be the New York, Ny Hotel Casino. The music, movements and costuming are sensual and even erotic.


Ka reaches the MGM Grand and has a unique theme of duality. The production uses music, puppetry, acrobatic and fighting techniques to show the destinies of two separated twins.

The Beatles – Love

The most recent of the Las Vegas productions may be the Beatles – Love show performed in a specially built theater in the Mirage. This show first started in 2004 and shows The Beatles music in the forms of sports, acrobatics and freestyle dance

Cirque du Soleil