4 Mistakes to Avoid If you are a New Driver

Naveed Ganatra
Are you are a new driver and just bought a new car? You would surely be excited to hit the road. But wait! Experts have identified a few mistakes that young drivers make. You must take out a few minutes before heading on for your very first drive. So let’s dive in:
Taking Chances
New drivers are more likely to take chances as compared to the experienced ones. It’s all because when a new driver takes a chance, they will learn and are less likely to take that same chance in the future.
On the other side, an experienced driver has already taken the chances and learned so that they are unlikely to take those chances. Since the new drivers lack experience, they are more prone to doing so and putting their life at risk. Keep in mind; safety should be your very first concern.
Following Distance
This is one of the highly noticed mistakes that new drivers make. They just follow too closely, where being less experienced drivers they should have a decent following distance. If you are a new driver, make sure that your car and a car in front have the decent amount of following distance.  Experts recommend that you should leave at least 2-3 seconds of distance between your car and a car in front.
Well, how do you measure that distance? Very simple! Look at the object a car in front of you just passed, start counting and stop at the moment you pass that object. You’ll have the following distance.
What if the Weather Condition is Not Ideal? If it’s raining or snowing outside or maybe any road condition that’s not ideal, just increase your following distance. Go for the high-quality premium tires whenever you buy suv tyre in Dubai. For sure, it would require more time and distance for you to stop that’s why just have yourself on the safer side.
Not Wearing Seat Belts
This is usually the problem with young drivers. For no reason, people don’t wear their seat belt especially the new driver. This is pretty comfortable and probably the easiest thing to do.  So just make sure that you wear the seat belt as it saves lives, and all it takes is just no more than a second that’s it.
That’s a good deal! One second for a good opportunity to save your life. So just ensure to keep yourself safe in the unfortunate event of an accident or crash. Therefore, put your seatbelt on if your new driver.
Too Many Passengers
If you’re a new driver, you’re likely young. Similarly, you might have some friends that don’t have their license or car, so probably you’re the one who’ll be picking them all up for the hangout tonight.
Therefore, you’re more likely to carry passengers. But since you’re less experienced and less qualified to carry passengers, you must be as attentive as possible to the road. Don’t miss to watch out your surroundings as well.
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