4 Types of Balloons to Exemplify Your Celebration!

A man just cannot survive without celebrations. Perhaps, it is the only occasion which helps to succumb from the day to day hustle -bustle and aids as a stress buster. In fact, small parties for birthdays or anniversaries are generally what one looks forward for. In addition to meetings one’s friends and loved ones, it also helps in bring out the artistic side of oneself. And yes, when one thinks about celebration, the very first thing that pops in our minds is balloons and curling strings. It is the easiest and simplest item that can add a dash of vibrancy to the entire décor. With the right type of balloon selecting and placement, any decoration can be given a wow appeal.

There are varieties of balloons, which are available today in the market ranging from simple latex ones to helium filled foiled version. Every type is unique in its own way and has a charm of its own. When perplexed as to what to select, here is a curated list of the various types to help you narrow down your search.

  • Latex Balloons– The latex balloons are the simplest version of balloons available. When inflated, it can pop up to 11 inches, which is just perfect. Latex balloons, generally, come in monochrome with plain single colours. Other alternatives which are available are the bobby prints or prints that have Happy Birthday imprinted on them. As individual or as a bunch, the latex balloons look apt in either set up.
  • Helium Filled BalloonsHelium filled balloons looks just lovely when they cling on the ceiling of the room creating an awe-inspiring look. With strings attached to the metallic shades of the balloons, the decoration looks nothing less than a fairy-tale. Usually a two-colour shade looks good like blue and white; however, multi-colour balloons can also be used for a vivacious appeal. The best part is that these balloons stay for a long time, and hence, the décor can be enjoyed for at least a week without the balloons getting deflated.
  • Numbered foil balloonsAvailable in drastic silver and golden shades, the foil numbered balloons are ideal for showcasing one’s age. With about 80 cm long, the foiled number balloons can be filled either by air or by helium. Helium filled foil balloons can stay up to four days.
  • Balloon weightsA very different version, the balloon weights are very beautiful. Coming in foil version, cellophane wrapped or LED ignited ones, the balloon weights looks amazing in their avatar. Wide array of colours is available, and foil fringed or cellophane version with placing like in the form of flower can be selected for a mesmerising look.

Helium2go.com offers balloon delivery in Brisbane as well as the Gold Coast. Any variant can be picked, and the price usually depends on the quantity. With impeccable service, helium2go vouches for an exhilarating experience that can be cherished for a long time. So, go ahead and choose your pick and give your loved ones a décor that is just out of the world!

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