BFF Jewellery Hacks Suggested From The Best Jewellers in Chandigarh

Have you been worried on how to manage and keep your precious pieces evergreen?

If yes, here’s a list of hacks suggested by almost all the best jewellers in Chandigarh!

  • Untangle your layered pieces separately

The layered pieces always bring in beauty and problems hand in hand. No matter how appealing they look, managing them is always a pain and the biggest management issue that comes in associated with it remains to keep them untangled. Make sure to keep all such pieces untangled, separately.

  • Organise

Different set of jewellery items need to be managed and well organised. It is very important to keep them organised in separate columns.

  • Managing Tarnish-free jewellery

If you love keeping a collection out of those street shopping days, the biggest problem you will face is to keep them away from tarnishing. Simply apply a coat of clear water nail polish and it will help in keeping away the tarnish.

  • Keeping the charm alive

Even the precious metals need a regular upkeep to stay stylish with their charm. Whether it is silver or gold, both the metals need a proper care routine to follow.

  1. For silver JewelleryKeep the silver pieces wrapped in a tin foil with the shiny side up and place it in a ceramic bowl filled with water mixed with a teaspoon of baking powder, salt and slight white vinegar just for 5 mins and you can see the difference. However, silver jewellery with gemstones need to be cleaned separately.
  2. For Gold Jewellery 

    Keep your gold jewellery soaked in slight warm water mixed with a mild detergent soap and dab it well.

Following these steps, one can definitely every bought stylish jewellery in Chandigarh stylish forever.

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