Choose your bunk beds properly

Bunk beds have become the new fashion furniture especially if you have more than one kid at home. Yes they are comfortable and convenient as well.
There are some cool bunk beds for girls available these days but before buying them, one needs to keep some major things in mind.
Age of kids
According to many experts buying bunk beds for children who are below the age of 6 is not a good idea. This is because those kids below 6 years tend to wake up more often at night and they might get scared to sleep alone. Also even if they sleep alone it will be difficult for them to climb down the ladder if they wake up midnight. Also one needs to acquire a proper sleeping style before they start using a bunk bed. For that having a proper age is very necessary. It is advisable that a child should be at least 8 years old to sleep in a bunk bed. Also kids are kids and they like to have fun. They always have a tendency of jumping off their beds. So, providing them the upper bunk can be a bit risky. They might fall and hurt themselves.
Layout of the bedroom
Before buying the bed, you need to check the layout of the room where you want to keep the bed. It is a good idea to keep the bunk bed against the wall so that the sleeper cannot roll out of the bed and fall accidentally. Also you need to buy the bunk beds which has proper rail guards for the top bunk as those are much safer and taking extra caution for your is always necessary. Also you need to keep in mind the gap between the ceiling and the top bunk. This is very important. There should be a proper gap between the ceiling fans, lights and the bunk beds.
Go for the durable ones
One might find the metal bunk beds very attractive. They come with vibrant colours and a lot of designs. But there are wooden bunk beds which are very durable and always stronger than the metal ones. Though there are only few colour choices, you need to go for the wooden ones for long lasting effect. But if you plan to change the beds after a couple of years then you can easily go for the metal ones. Also your kids are not going to sleep on the bunk beds for several years. This might be your temporary plan. So, going for metal beds with designs can allure your kids as they find them very attractive.
Buy queen sized beds
Yes, always do that so that your kids can sleep peacefully and with full comfort. You are already saving your room space by buying a bunk bed and not going for two separate beds so go for the larger size of the bed.
Bunk beds for girls can come with some cool colours and designs. You can always go for them

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