Comprehensive Medical Billing Service Features

In order to perform Medical billing tasks in a proper way, you need appropriate expertise and skills. Relying on in-house billing might cost you more in terms of time and resources.  On the other hand, outsourcing medical billing services can provide you with a competitive edge since you will notice a considerable lift in your overall reimbursements and revenue cycle. Outsourcing medical billing services to a top-ranked company are beneficial as it will be really cost-effective as well as result-yielding for your practice. In addition, you will be able to save your valuable time which you would invest towards the delivery of quality care. Additionally, you will be utilizing fewer resources by outsourcing to a professional medical billing services provider. Sybrid MD is a well-established network of knowledgeable medical billers and coders. We have been providing quality medical billing services for over a decade. We always aim at providing the best of the services to completely gratify our clients.
Comprehensive Medical Billing Services:
Our comprehensive medical billing services feature the below-mentioned aspects:

  1. Detailed Processing

We receive all the relevant information, demographics and copy of the insurance of the patient by means of e-mail or protected FTP. We also contact the insurance company before setting up a meeting with you. Moreover, we perform pre-authorization for surgeries, lab, and diagnostic tests. Subsequent to this, we provide the practice with the details in a well-arranged manner.

  1. Listing of the Demographics

It is the duty of our expert medical billers to list the demographic details of the patient in a well-ordered way including:

  • Patient’s Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Residential Details
  • Details of the Insurance
  • Medical History

iii.    Coding of the Super-bills
Our multi-specialty expert medical coders perform medical coding with great precision and accuracy. They are in compliance with CPT and ICD Coding as well as having the recognition from AAPC. It is up to you to provide us accurate information. In case you provide us a coded super-bill, we make confirmation regarding the codes. We thoroughly analyze and eliminate the risk of any type of up-coding or down-coding.

  1. Gathering all the relevant information

Our expert medical billers enter the charges in the system intended for practice management. They also provide the system with CPT and ICD-10 codes. In this way, the experts make sure the collection of all the relevant information for appropriate filing.

  1. The claim submitting procedure

We incorporate an electronic system for submission of the claims. You can also come to us with paper claims. We have the expertise to work with paper-based claims as well. In case of receiving of any denial report from the clearinghouse, we perform an in-depth investigation and make probable modifications to it.

  1. Negotiable Charges

We enter all the charges in the practice management system after proper scanning of EOBs and checks. The charges are negotiable though. We update a log regarding this data on a regular basis.
vii.    Periodic Follow-up of Submitted Claims
We make a thorough observation of all the claims for clear submission. At an initial level, the claims are filed and then the claim is worked down on the basis of its age. We perform follow-ups periodically by means of making phone calls, e-mails and/or live messaging to keep track of every claim that is submitted to the insurance agency.
viii.    Management of the Denied Claims
Our senior medical experts manage denied claims which include the examination of denials and underpaid claims. We manage follow-ups for patients, payers, and providers and the entire process is performed under a specialized system. We also make calls to patients to acquire further required information for billing.

  1. Weekly Reporting

We also prepare a 7-day report as per the specific requirements of your business for Accounts Receivable (AR).

  • Get an All-Inclusive Medical Billing Solution

If you are going through reduced reimbursements and a decrease in the revenue cycle followed by denied claims, you are in immediate need to hire a medical billing company for bearing up with this situation.
Current Challenges to the Healthcare Industry:
Right now, a lot of healthcare services providers are facing numerous challenges such as:

  • Escalation in the regulations
  • Updates in the government programs
  • Reduction in the payments
  • Increase in the operating expenditures

As a matter of fact, it can be demanding to build a flourishing medical practice in the current healthcare environment. We offer full-fledged medical billing services and a sophisticated medical billing solution to cater to your all medical billing needs. You can rely on us when facing continuous denials in the claims. Our all-inclusive medical billing services are sure to give a boost to your revenue cycle.
For a healthcare industry to thrive, it is necessary to deliver quality care. However, if you are spending more time towards billing related tasks, it can put a negative effect on your practice as you become unable to pay heed on the care delivery process. It is essential to give sufficient time to the patient for building reliable patient-doctor relationships.  Pairing up with some professional medical billing company will be advantageous for your practice since you will be able to devote more time towards the treatment and care delivery process.
Exceptional Medical Billing Services
With the help of our exceptional medical billing services, you will be having a competitive edge in the current healthcare market.  We cover all your medical billing requirements with the inclusion of:

  • Medical billing
  • Indexing of the Medical record
  • Entry of the medical data
  • Medical consumer service
  • Management of the receivables
  • Processing of the claims

Countrywide reach
Grab our high-quality medical billing services at affordable rates. You can discuss with our professional billers and coders for having personalized services as per the true requirements of your business. We have earned a reputable rank in the healthcare market by delivering competent medical billing services. Our reliable and successful services and client support is available round-the-clock.

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