Cool AR mobile apps you should download to try out iOS 11’s ARKit

Augmented Reality is a common topic and trendy throughout the world. As each and every person is on social media currently and everyone knows about social media these days, people use many techniques in social media to make it more applicable to the Youth sticking to their mobile apps. The flow to be on  social media is to create accounts, post new things, increase their fan following, for entertainment. Commonly used Social Media Apps are Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc. But what may lack is clear purpose.
Augmented Reality is a medium to see the pictures or photos through real effect. It makes the actual look, look more real. It is done with the help of computer-generated perceptual information. Now a days there are many apps in which the augmented reality is inbuilt. This helps to take good photographs easily. Now here are some apps which might get help for the users which are on social media.
Giphy World
Giphy’s already integrated into iMessage with its own keyboard app, and partnerships with Facebook and Twitter have helped spread its database of GIFs all over the internet. The Giphy World app takes that one step further to bring GIFs into your surroundings and let you record video. You can also share entire scenes with friends who also have the app, who can then interact with your GIFs in an explorable space.
Ikea Place
Ikea, which has a track record of staying on top of trends with its smart lighting and oddly charming ASMR promotional videos, now has a new app for helping you visualize its furniture in your home. More than 2,000 Ikea products are currently available in the app, so you can let your inner Property Brother thrive and play interior decorator.
Both of the above mobile apps may be helpful in creating and innovating new experience. At the end the user has to make their choice and make a statement on how and why they would be using these mobile apps. With more and more AR Mobile apps developers coming in the market, it would put a lot of pressure on mobile app developers as well as App owners to code, work and acquire maximum user base.

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