Difficult English words to pronounce in Hindi

If you Hindi is your native language, then you might have person faced lots of difficulties, especially when you are learning English. Since there are many difficult English words that often make you commit a mistake while pronouncing them in Hindi. Well, this article will help you to get a clear idea to know how to make your pronunciation easy and without any mistakes. So let’s get started in knowing about it in detail.

How to work on Hindi pronunciation?  

You require lots of concentration and determination apart from that you need to practice a lot in order to translate English to Hindi. Attending online classes or nearby learning centers will probably help you to understand the situation in a better way. Therefore concentrating on the pronunciation will clearly help you to get an idea on each and every word making it easy for you to learn and use it daily.

Practicing on your own

There are many difficult English words that often make it impossible for you to pronounce in Hindi. It is therefore essential to make a list of all such words and practice them thoroughly. The first thing that you need to do is to practice alphabets for, you can also work on grammar and vocabulary including long phrases.

Making use of recorded settings from your mobile phone to translate English to Hindi will, however, help you to grasp and understand the difference between each word that you spell. And some of such English words that often make it difficult to pronounce in Hindi includes disadvantage, situation, literature, rarely, truth and many more. You can perhaps make use of many things that will clearly help you to learn pronunciation in a very easy way.

A better way to set up practice sessions for correct pronunciation

As most of the people often commit a mistake while pronouncing English words in Hindi, if you can set up practice sessions then it becomes very easy to overcome such mistakes.

  • First, concentrate on English to Hindi pronunciation, especially on individual words. This will clearly help you to know how to pronounce each and every letter in the correct way.
  • Listen to the words number of times until and unless you get a clear idea regarding it.
  • You can also select some Hindi words from the dictionary for, you can also make use of Hindi vocabulary as this will help you how to pronounce them easily.
  • You can also find some online classes that will help your pronunciation to be much more better.
  • Alternatively, you can also select some sentences from your book and repeat them as many times as you can.
  • Following English to Hindi guide will also help you in the most possible ways as this you give you lots of information. Apart from that, you will also know how to pronounce each word in a better way.

This will, however, help you to easily learn and help you to know how to overcome how to learn difficult English words and pronounce them correctly in English.

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