Facts about En Caul Birth

Caul also goes by the name of cowl. In this scenario a membrane goes on to cover the face along with the head of a new born baby. Caul birth is termed as a rare form of birth and babies who arrive in this form are termed as baby with a veil. It has to be said that an appearance of a caul could work out to be frightening for a mother, most often than not it is a harmless occurrence. The doctor or midwife can remove the Caul with precision and in an easy manner. 1 out of 80,000 babies in the world are of this type of birth and an alien or strange appearance is provided to the baby. Therefore no surprises to the fact that there are a lot of myths surrounding with regards to this type of birth.

En Caul baby birth has a lot of history attached to it. The ancient Europeans considered it as a symbol of good luck and the general feeling was that the kid was destined for greater things in life. This if the Caul was red or white and if it was blacks then it was considered to be a symbol of bad luck. There was also a superstition floating around that a person who was in possession of a Caul would never drown. It also meant that if you owned it you could never drown as well. This pointed to the fact that sailors would pay anything under the sun to own a piece of one. Till today all these myths hold true that a baby born with a caul is a lucky charm. There is no logic behind these superstitious but some of the most successful personalities tend to have this type of birth. The name that comes to the mind straight away is Napoleon.

It is not that each Caul was related to a positive connote, in ancient Rome it was believed that a caul does go on to become a vampire as well. The caul derives its name from the fact that it breaks away during the birth process and then goes on to attach to the head of the baby. Most often than not the doctor is known to peel it with issue, but if it is attached to the head of the baby care should be taken so that one’s does not peel it. Because of the rarity of the condition it is a good omen.

There is a tinge of difference between a Caul birth and an En caul birth. In case of the latter it is more of a baby being covered in an entire amniotic sac. It has to be said that En caul birth are rated to premature births and the doctors are of the view point that this type of birth prevents mechanical pressure  relating to the contractions of the uterine. This is also different from the caul birth and this differs with regards to the incision made in the stomach of the mother.

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