Guide to create a Romantic Dinner Night At Home

Want to surprise your lover with a date night but still out of ideas? Here is our easy to follow guide to set up one of the best nights for your date if not the best. What more? It’s in the comfort of your own home so you can skip all the hassle of table booking, waiting outside a crowded restaurant, then some more waiting for your food to arrive, the obnoxious crowd and everything in between.

1.Pick a Date

Sure, you don’t need an occasion to make your loved one feel special. However, you need to pick a date when you can devote enough time to make all the arrangements for the date without your partner’s knowledge for it to be a delightful surprise.

2. Decide the menu

One of the most important part of the dinner date is obviously, the dinner. You can either whip up a storm in the kitchen if you have a flair for cooking or avoid the chaos & clean up and buy roast beef online. If you really want to cook something for your dear one then you can make a quick, fresh salad to complement the roasted beef and a nice dessert like peaches in cream or an ice cream sundae. Make sure you choose easy and quick recipes which will not consume all your time and energy.

3.Choose your drink

No dinner is complete without some wine to relish. Red wine is best suited with beef. Pick one that has a rich taste and an abundance of tanning to complement the meat and the smoky flavor. You try Shiraz or Bordeaux or Merlot. Above all pick a wine that you and your date love.


Once you have decided on the menu, it is time to create the ambience of a date night with the décor. Start by setting the table. Keep a candle stand with nice candles in the centre of the table along with a beautiful floral arrangement made out of roses or any flower you date loves. Fill the room with some fragrant perfume of your lover’s choice to mask the aroma of the londi’s famous roast beef you might have ordered. The smoky, spicy flavors are best reserved under the cloche at the dinner table. Let the speakers play a soft, romantic tune. You can also choose a song which has a significant meaning to both of you. You can add a few heart shaped balloons in the corners of the room to really amp up the romantic quotient.

5.Dress Up

Don’t forget to dress up just like you would for a restaurant date. If you are a lady then put on your best dress and some make. Red lipstick has been proven to be a fool proof date lipstick. Do your hair and spritz some perfume. If you are a man then scrub up for the date as well. Put on your fancy formals and nice shoes. Groom yourself well and yes perfume is important.

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