Labor Day USA 2018: How To Celebrate It Mindfully

On September 3, the US is celebrating Labor Day. As per the Department of Labor, the day is dedicated to honoring the economic and social achievements of workers throughout the US.

Labor Day is a deserved break for all those who work hard throughout the year. In addition, it’s the traditional end of the summer season. For many, it is a time for backyard barbecues. However, you can make Labor Day 2018 meaningful and memorable by doing some off-beat things.

  • Why Do We Celebrate Labor Day?

Labor Day is as old as the first commercial electrical power plant by Thomas Edison in the US. On September 5, 1882, the first US Labor Day parade was held in New York.

Although the modern-day labor force is different from workers during the first Labor Day, the main objective of the day is the same: Honoring the working individuals. Workers in 21st century have better resources than the labor in the past to do their duties, but they feel their efforts are regularly ignored. As per a Gallup report, many employees in today’s industry believe that their efforts are not appreciated.

Apart from enjoying the deserved break with your family, you can do something unique and memorable this Labor Day. Here’s how to celebrate Labor Day 2018 mindfully:

  • Attend A Parade With Kids

Labor Day parade is something that you shouldn’t miss this year. If possible, then visit New York for its famous parade. On September 3, you can enjoy the exciting West Indian Day parade in New York. The carnival is estimated to be attended by two million people.

West Indian Day parade is a seven-hour carnival in New York where attendees can have a great time around bands, vendors, and people dressing up like famous figures. The parade is scheduled to start at 11 am and anyone can attend it free. This Labor Day, you can attend the parade with your kids and make it a memorable affair.

  • Welcome New Employees With A Smile

As per a study by Engage2Excel, over 70% job-seekers believe the on-boarding experience helps them decide if they want to work in a company or not. If you want some great talents to retain, then see Labor Day 2018 as an opportunity.

Welcome your new employees with open arm and a smile on the face. Get some gifts for them and make them feel that their efforts will be appreciated.

  • Buy American-made Gifts

The US is a place of creative and talented individuals. Many of them are famous worldwide for their work. However, there are many talented Americans who do not get what they deserve.

Labor Day is to support American workers and their efforts. Nothing is better than buying their products. If you are buying gifts for your family members, then ensure that the products are made in the US.

  • Start Awareness Program About Labor Day

There are many individuals in the US who are not aware of the Labor Day history. The only thing they know is that Labor Day is a break time. You can launch an awareness program and spend some time educating people about the importance of Labor Day.

You can organize an event and distribute educational material to tell people everything about the day.

  • Wear To Honor Workers

Show workers that you respect them. It will make them feel special about their work. You can get some customized accessories like t-shirts, caps, and custom silicone bracelets which are related to the day.

Accessories like silicone wristbands can be customized as per your choice and a message you want to spread. You can customize many of them and distribute to the public.


These are some off-beat ways to celebrate Labor Day 2018 and make it memorable. Apart from that, you can visit a beach with your family, bake cookies, have a BBQ, and relax. Have a good Labor Day! Enjoy your day off!

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