A Little Exploration of the Sweet Tooth of Indians

Sweets are a common favourite of Indians of all ages. The different parts of India give rise to an amazing diversity of different kinds of desserts. Each state of India has its own specialization in sweets. For example, the Bengalis are very possessive about their Rasgulla. The form originated in Kolkata a long time back, and has now gained worldwide popularity. Apart from Rasgulla in Bengal, Sonpapdi, Kajubarfi, Jalebis and Ladoos are also universally popular.

A Special mention of Some Special Sweets

  • The first thing that comes to mind when sweets are talked about is the famous Rasgulla of West Bengal. Made from the purest form of curd obtained from fresh milk, the white balls are as soft as sponge. The traditional way of Rasgulla making as taught by its inventor NC Das is still well maintained.
  • The purest form of curd is obtained from sweet milk to produce the authentic chhana sandesh out of the milk cakes made. Widely popular in Bengali, it has different varieties. Nolen gurer andesh has become a sensation among the Indians. From korapak to norompak, jaggery or nolen gur available especially in the winters is added to the sandesh to further enhance the flavor, taste and aroma of the sweet meat.
  • Gulab Jamun, or Kalajam or Kala Jamun, as it is preferably known as, goes back to its origin in the ancient medieval times. The main ingredients are khoa (sugar content) that imparts the reddish brown colour and saffron. The name gulab is just because of the scent of rose water or rose syrup in the sweet. This is an extremely favourite among all ages and at all occasions in every religion. Can be served either hot or cold or even at room temperature. Sometimes kesar or saffron is added to enhance the flavour; vark and chasni are also added to make it look more attractive, when served in restaurants. Gulab Jamun recipe in hindi will teach you how to bring out the authentic taste of it. Other relatives of Gulab Jamun are the Pantua, Ledikeni, etc. Homemade gulab jamuns contain a deliberate content of ghee or clarified butter, extremely delicious and healthy for expectant mothers.
  • Jalebis or jhilipis are made of chhana, sugar syrup and urad dal. The crisscrossed networks of handmade lines are deep-fried and beautiful to look at. These are preferably served hot along with sweet curd or even rabdi.
  • The pride and specialty of Benaras-rabdi is prepared from thickened milk. Kesar and dry fruits can be often added to enhance the aroma and flavour considerably. The diamond shaped Kajubarfi or Kaju Katli bear the genuine taste of mashed authentic cashew nuts with every bite. Often the flavour is heightened with the incorporation of other nut varieties strewed over it. This dish is a deliberate adaptation of the Marwari sweet dish in Bengal.
  • Handmade and hand rolled laddos with wholesome amounts of pure ghee are such a delight. The bright coloured Motichur Ladoos often have added nuts and raisins, heightening their taste further.

Desserts always make us weak. Festivals and occasions are always incomplete without a sweet bite. Sweets are always a nostalgic favourite of all.

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