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There is plenty of utilization of smartphones in the present world. There are many applications, but not all of them are useful. But there are some which are rarely used by people yet are quite useful and convenient, but there is the problem with the availability of the application. Google store is considered to be the ultimate store of the application, but this is not much unknown fact that at times some for the application are not available there. This is why 9Apps is recommended for all the android users so that their lives can be made easier. Here are some of the applications of 9Apps which are the best for the use in the daily lives:

  • Evernote:

This can help you as a reminder like those of the little notes or the checklists.  This can be easy for overlooking the details. With the help of this app, one does not need to keep papers and pen with him as this app can help him get an easy note of anything that needs to be reminded.

  • Pro-Shot:

This is another surprising application that is trending in the digital market these days. It has various features that can help one get professional solutions for various tasks.

  • Clap! Phone finder:

If you are unable to remember where your phone is then that is not a big deal if you have a clap app which can find you your phone. This application can help you get your phone in case you lose it by just clapping even though your phone is in vibration or is in mute mode. Those who have a habit of keeping the phone anywhere, this is the best app to find it out and get the same immediately.

  • KeyMe:

There is always a tendency to disregard the keys, but there is a smart app which helps in the scanning and the storage of the keys digitally. This can help you get a new and same key after you lose it. Hence in case you have lost the original key, this app can be of huge help to you in getting a replacement for the same.

  • Dashlane:

This is an exceptionally convenient and practical digital wallet and is also a password manager. This application is extremely productive and is the best thing to keep all passwords in safe.Manytimes people use various sites and apps which are password protected. They forget the password for the same when it comes to using it after a long period. For such users, this app can prove nothing less than a blessing as in a few keystrokes one can get his password.

When one truly requires help in the time of need, these are some of the applications that come to the rescue. One can just find many applications in the 9apps as per the use and day-to-day requisites. Use 9Apps or go for 9Apps free download to have momentous results in life. Smartphone utilization can be made truly beneficial with the use of the 9Apps.

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