Mutual funds that can be used as a Tax saver

Mutual funds are amongst the most popular investment modes for modern salaried professionals. The mutual funds are not only are a safer option than to invest money directly on the share market, but also provide better returns if you have a long term plan in mind and are looking to get some tax relaxation. The mutual funds have a category called the ELSS that deals in the equity bonds. BY investing in these mutual funds, you can easily find the best way to get the tax rebate up to 1.5lakhs.

Here, we are going to talk about the few mutual funds that have the potential to give you good returns and are also performing great in the of returns. So, be with us to know about the mutual funds that can help you save the taxes with ease.

Mutual Funds: Know The Types

Although there are several other ways to save tax by investing, but for those who are looking for good returns the Equity bonds are the best. However, the equity shares are for the safe players who do not want to go for higher risks. The returns from the equity are not as high as the normal mutual funds, you can be assured that the money is rather safe than the normal mutual funds.

So, it is essential that you plan the investment more carefully and after setting your goals. You can use the mutual funds for both tax savings and wealth building, but you should be sure that what kind of returns you are looking for, and what are your reasons to invest money in the market. You can go with the high returns and high risks mutual funds, and also can opt for the tax savings mutual funds.

Some of the mutual funds that you can rely on to get the decent returns and efficient tax savings include the  Axis Long term equity fund, ABSL tax relief, and Invesco India tax plan. All these funds have medium to moderate risk and are perfect for investors who are looking for better-performing equity funds that have seen good growth in the past few sessions.

You can easily contact your mutual fund investment company for these funds and get the best results along with getting g a good suggestion on the other mutual funds that you can rely on for the tax savings. Just make sure that you know the risks involved in investing your money in the mutual funds, and what are your goals to invest money in the market.


By relying on the experts’ advice and market research, you can easily get the best results by investing in the funds that are performing great and can provide you both great results and tax benefits.

As an investor, you can also opt to choose some of your money to the equity funds and some part to the high returns mutual funds. This way you will be able to get good returns on one hand and tax benefits on the other.

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