Outsource Tech Support: A yes or no?

It is very crucial for every business to ask themselves a basic question that should they or should they not outsource tech support. Even if it’s a small business or a large enterprise, the importance of the question remains the same. Although many businesses prefer outsourcing tech support, there are some that are still in the dilemma of the process being unyielding.
The outsourcing market will grow at 7% by the year 2020 just because the businesses have started outsourcing services to the call center and help desk as well. These businesses even experience increased profits and reduced cost of the company’s services. However, in a business, before any investment, scrutinizing is really important.

What is outsourcing?

The delegation of the functions of a business to a third-party company or an individual, is in simple terms, outsourcing. And outsourcing has gained such hype recently because:

  1. It cuts the long-term and short-term costs
  2. It provides an expert and skilled workforce that is not necessarily available in-house
  3. It helps in the maintenance of better workflow

The hiring of an in-house staff is a process that involves hassle. And organizations simply avoid such unnecessary time-killing activities and save the cost by outsourcing. There are many other reasons that play vital role in the decision-making process of using the outsourced services. Some of them are:

  • Cost-effective– No matter what a company hires an external agency for, it ultimately reduces the cost of the training, employee-benefits, and supervision of such employees. The overhead costs of a business can be reduced by outsourcing the services for non-core tasks of the organization. In this way, a business can assign the resources to a more centralized and streamlined task-trail.
  • Enhance customer services– Admittedly, an outsourced customer service is way better than an in-house operation of the same. When business partners with an experienced or pro in the outsourcing field, it even gets the prospect to complete a task with a flexible approach. The customers are handled professionally and every query is addressed and kept in the record for any future references. The in-house staff could prove stubborn to perform under such circumstances.
  • Multi-benefiting talent pool- The outsourced services bring multiple benefits to the company. It is an ultra-fine technique to get the access to the skilled tech pro(s) and simultaneously get the benefit of the experienced in-house staff. And nowadays the right training and certifications of the external staff are easily verifiable. This brings the outcome probabilities and future expectation on the same track where both are clear. The outsourcing service providers fairly know their motive and the area they’d serve while they hire the employees.

Nevertheless, the fascinating fact about an outsourced service is that it is not restricted to the geographical measures. Besides hopping for the benefits that can be attracted from an outsourced service, there are few things considerable about an outsourced support as well, before hiring any.

  • A clear communication about the business goals/projects and long-term objectives.
  • Establishment of strategic measures with an appropriate idea of its implementation.
  • Ask for references and determine the standards of the outsourcing service provider.
  • Fix all of the available finances that would be used for the outsourcing.
  • Involve all the stakeholders for the approval to avoid any future mishap.

Sure, the thought of handing over the technical support system to an external agency might not seem intimidating, but the results of this smart move are substantial. The two-way communication is superior to any other form of communication. If a customer is provided an informative, two-minute session of the assistance with the product or service, it will add to the company’s account as an everlasting trust of the customer.

In the long run

Today’s time is all about the competition and staying ahead in the market by making clever choices. And choosing an reliable outsource tech support is clever in itself. The vision required for making such decisions is not based on the stagnant ideologies and strategies. And the act of killing time in making such decisions is hazardous as there are plenty of other fishes in the sea as well. The facility of to outsource service is tremendous and is taking a shape of a big player in the game. All you need to do is play along.

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