Simple Flower Gifting Options for Your Mother’s Birthday

Looking for presents for your mother’s birthday but don’t have the budget for elaborate gifts? Still figuring out what to get her for her special day without splurging too much and making a hole in your pocket? Here are the different flower options that you can choose from when gifting your mother for her birthday –

Basket of assorted flowers

A lot of florists these days have a lot of different options for decorating items when it comes to flower decorations. Gone are the days of having just simple bouquets for gifting on occasions. These days, you can select from a wide range of flower baskets and boxes in which you can place your fresh flowers for decoration. The basket can be further used as a home décor item by your loved one too, so this works as a two in one gift! You can choose from a variety of flowers in offline florists stores or even on e-gifting portals that do online flower delivery in Ajmer and across India.

Dozen red roses

The classic ‘dozen roses’ is something you can never really go wrong with especially when gifting these to women! You can choose from fresh, long stem red roses all packed neatly in a bouquet or a vase for your mother. Red roses are usually used to express love and deepest emotions to your loved ones which is why red roses are a beautiful surprise element for your mother! The local florists usually have only short stem red roses and flowers unless they are selling orchids. So, the best option to get the best red roses that have the long stems is to shop for these online on florists’ websites that do online gifting throughout India and do online flower delivery in Ajmer and smaller towns as well.

Sunflowers in a vase

Sunflowers are the perfect, big flowers that fit beautifully in vases. The big flower with its bright yellow petals can easily brighten up a person’s mood! This is a flower that is not easily available in every city across India especially because of the different weather conditions across the country. The north usually has the best climatic conditions to grow these flowers which is why the best way to get your hands on sunflowers is by ordering them on online florists’ shops that do online flower delivery in Ajmer. You can also pick a customized vase based on your preferences from these stores.

Fresh potted flowers

If your mother loves gardening and isn’t very fond of fresh flower bouquets, then you can gift her a flowering plant for her plant collection and her garden! Potted plants are the best gifts for people who love gardening because these are some of the most precious gifts that you can give them to feed their passion! You can easily find potted plants at any local nursery and if you are too lazy to buy them from nursery stores, you can order them online on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Ebay etc.

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