The top apartment dog breeds for city workers

There are some dogs breeds with a moderate personality, sociability, and temperament that is fit for city living, whilst some need large places like the Amazon where their environment is big enough to roam around freely.

We know how confusing it is to choose a dog breed that will be compassionate with its new home, more so in an urban setting. With that in mind, here are some of the top apartment breeds that will quickly adapt to the bustling uptown environment.

Norfolk Terrier

When we talk of energetic, well-mannered and easy going in one sentence, then it is all about the Norfolk Terrier. According to dog experts, it is well spoken of as a spunky, lively and a loyal dog that can herd too.

These tiny terriers can quickly adapt to any environment. Their durable coats are a plus for survival in any harsh weather conditions. To add on the many compliments, they are known to be friendly with other breeds too.


This is a playful breed that is loyal and spunky too. They love attention and are always at their owner’s feet getting all the attention to themselves. Pugs bark a lot, but their bites speak otherwise.

Thus it is a fact that you can’t use them as watchdogs due to their welcoming and inviting demeanor. They favor lazing around with their huge appetite; however, since they are tiny, there is no need for too much exercise. Just feed them moderately to control their weight.

Cavalier the King

This toy breed is loyal, friendly, and gentle and has earned itself the traditional house pet honors. This breed loves to stroll outside and lounge in the house, this makes them perfect for living within your apartment.

It is an intelligent dog and has been in different television shows and films including the tramp, sex and the city and Disney’s Lady.

French Bulldog

This is a loved breed and very popular with city dwellers. It is a muscular and robust breed but very compassionate and affectionate. Despite being alert, rigorous exercise is not a must.

They are mostly characterized by their compatible temperament and laid back pose which makes the French bulldog perfect for city life.

Yorkshire Terrier

It might be a small dog but very energetic, brave, and with a bold nature which gives them the adaptability prowess to different environments. You won’t have to be stressed to exercise them due to their tiny size.

Nonetheless, they crave attention so stay close or check on them more often. Beware you have to train them and guide them or else they will acquire negative behaviors.


 Shih-Tzu is a loyal, prized and loving Chinese breed which is a favourite apartment-dweller. They are not very active and only love pampering from their owners.

The Shih requires regular grooming and care since they have long hair. They are an excellent choice for families but not very good watchdogs as they tend to trust all humans.

Labrador Retriever                                                 

The stable temperament and sweet disposition make this breed an all-rounder pet that is best for both suburban environment and city life.

Their non-aggressive, friendly and outgoing nature makes the retriever a lovely pet for jogging around with. They are perfect guide dogs and have been used occasionally by blind dog owners.

Miniature Pinscher

The pinscher is a spirited, alert, energetic and lively toy dog. They are excellent apartment dogs since they need minimal exercise, but you can take them for a walk.

They make perfect watchdogs and don’t underlook their small size; they are brave, intelligent and loud. They don’t need regular grooming since they have short coats.


These are loving and hunting dogs that love attention. Their elongated bodies and small size do not need excessive exercise; thus they are the real apartment pets. They don’t shed much but require a little bit of grooming.

Dachshunds are excellent hunting dogs because of their high sense of smell. They are cute and robust which makes them lovable and best for city life.


Dogs are lovely and getting what fits your surroundings shouldn’t be a problem. They love attention and care, but most importantly they are family.

Before you think of getting yourself a dog, you need to know the ways of taking care of your pet. You must be both emotionally and physically available for your dog and consider the extra costs, such as toys, medicine and even pet clippers.

You can also train them on a few things by giving them treats too during the learning process.  Don’t underfeed your dogs as food is essential to their health. Visit your vet for an accurate food volume recommendation.

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