Top Reasons Why It Is Ideal To Install Solar Panels In Fall

The ideal season for a commercial solar installation is fall, although we all agree that summer and spring is the best time for solar panel energy production. Most people will think that it is best to install solar panels during spring but fall is actually the best season to design and install your panels. We have some top reasons why you should install your solar panels during fall.


Beat the spring rush

Summer and spring is the busiest time for companies and individuals who install solar panels. It can also lead to long wait times. You can drastically reduce your wait time when you install your solar panels in autumn. This means that you will begin saving on your energy bills sooner and you will be ready to produce electricity by the peak of the months of April and May.


Solar incentives

If you want to take advantage of solar incentives while they last, you should organize to install your solar panels in fall. There are numerous solar incentives that are in effect to help individuals and companies save up to thirty percent on your solar panel project. In some parts, the incentives will end at the end of November. We have some incentives that are indefinite so it is best to take advantage of the incentives while they last.


Benefit from solar energy production in winter

Some homeowners and business owners think that solar panels do not produce electricity in winter. This makes them wait until summer to call a commercial solar company Orange County to come and install solar panels for them. However, it is crucial to understand that your solar panels produce power year round. This means that you can enjoy the benefits of solar as soon as your solar panels are connected. While there is less solar energy production due to less sunlight in winter and there is a loss of a lot of solar energy due to reflections by the snow, solar panels are very efficient when it is cold and this helps them to counteract the loses. We all know that there is a lot of sunlight during summer but it is important to understand that during summer the temperatures are high and this reduces the efficiency of solar panels.


Offset winter heating costs

During the winter, people use a lot of electricity for heating purposes. This makes the utility bills to go higher than normal. However, when you install your solar panels in fall, you will have your solar systems in place to help you in offsetting the high electricity bills during winter. Business owners and homeowners see a lot of sense in this and this is the reason why most people install solar panels in fall.


You have four seasons for commercial solar installation. If you think you are ready to install your solar panels now, then nothing should prevent you from installing because you can install them any time. But if you want to plan ahead then you should plan to install your solar panels during fall.

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