3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Experience Sri Lanka

Swaying palm trees, beaches that look like molten gold and the azure blue of the Indian Ocean all in one place. If this combination sounds too good to be true, wait till you travel to Sri Lanka. A literal piece of heaven on Earth, Sri Lanka has been known for extremely beautiful landscapes that are complemented so well by its cuisine, culture and its people. The island country may be smaller than a lot of its subcontinent counterparts, but it makes up by giving you life-changing experiences in every city you visit.
This makes it one of the most ideal tourist destination spots in the world. It becomes even more desirable because of its affordability and its ability to provide you enough bang for your buck. Whether it is a luxury hotel in Bambalapitiya or a nice café in Galle, you will never be fretting about how much you spend as everything is well under a decent budget. However, to have a genuine pocket-friendly experience in the country, here are a few tips you can exercise once you reach there.


Sri Lanka offers a lot of modes of transportation and the best way to explore any city is via tuk-tuks! Tuk-tuks are three wheelers that are agile and can go through a lot of narrow roads, while giving you a ride of your lifetime. Sri Lankan locals swear by their tuk-tuks and they are the most cost-friendly option you can find in the country. For long distance travel, zoom through the island’s greenery by hopping on a train on Sri Lanka’s expansive railways network. The bustle inside the train and the mesmerising beauty on the outside will surely provide you with long-lasting memories of your trip!


Familiar subcontinental flavours will greet you when you experience Sri Lankan cuisine, albeit with a twist. The basic dishes comprise of rice, padad and roti but that is where the similarities end with other Asian countries. Their vegetable and meat heavy cuisine is delicious and also easy on your wallet. Do not forget to consume your full share of string hoppers – which are rice flour noodles flavoured with coconut or onion sambar. Their ingenious use of coconut will surely make you fan of the fruit, and every meal will make you want for some more!


Sri Lanka proves it is the king of good times when it comes to affordable living. Homestays and guest houses end up rivalling the best hotels in the country, giving you plenty of choices wherever you decide to go. Colombo, which is the state’s capital, is the most visited city. Its neighbourhoods sport beautiful resorts and budget options, with Dehiwala and Mount Lavinia hotels in Sri Lanka among the more popular areas. You can also book rooms via Yoho Bed, which has an extensive chain of hotels all over Sri Lanka, providing you the best in budget living and ensuring you have the perfect stay in the country.

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