6 Data Science Certifications that will Pay Off!

Every company and industry now is playing with data. Knowing that data plays an important role, the organizations look for data science professionals who are skilled enough to tackle the problems. This has further increased the demand for data science certifications. Certifications are a great way to land your dream jobs in top companies. Certifications increase reliability and the candidates enjoy recognition. If you are an IT professional who is looking to make it big in the data science industry, you are at the right place to know about all the certifications.

Data science certifications prepare you to face the upcoming challenges in the industry while polishing your basics of data science and helping you understand the advanced methods of data analytics. You will make you trained enough to come up with innovative solutions to the data science problems.

Here are a few certifications you should know about-

Cloudera Certified Associate – Data Analyst

This certification is offered by Cloudera and demonstrates your foundational knowledge as a developer, data analyst, and administrator of Cloudera’s enterprise software. After qualifying the exam, you will be able to showcase your skills required to be a data scientist. If you are just starting out, it’s high time to prove yourself by getting certified.

Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences, Columbia University

To earn this certification, you will need an undergraduate degree. Columbia University’s Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences requires a background in quantitative coursework, which includes calculus, linear algebra, and similar subjects. You will be trained for a career in data science with this certification.

Data Science Council of America Certification

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) offers Associate Big Data Engineer (ABDE) certification to ensure that you are capable of working in data science and big data and has extensive knowledge of data analytics and statistics. This certification by the Data Science Council of America (DASCA) is the world’s most trustworthy 3rd–party, vendor-neutral certification as it opens the way for exciting careers. After qualifying the examination, you will be able to master the understanding of the concepts, principles, tools, techniques, and technologies of handling storage, processing, and management.

Certification in Data Science, Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies

The certification in Data Science by Georgetown’s Certificate in Data Science will train you on how to collect, clean, model and present data. You will be using the Python programming language and will be able to polish yourself in creating and presenting visualizations, predictive models and analytics.

Data Science Certificate, Harvard Extension School

In order to earn this certification, you need to complete at least a B grade in four certifications programs within 3 years. If you already have the knowledge of Python, wait no more to grab this exam. You can choose two electives from a select group, one required data science course from another select group and both an entry-level and advanced-level statistics course.

Data Science for Executives, Columbia University

Offered through EdX, this Columbia University’s Data Science for Executives certificate program is for the executives who want to know more about statistical thinking, machine learning and how data will impact businesses in the future. Also, the courses are taught by professors at Columbia University through EdX’s online platform.
Gear yourselves up to choose the best from the plethora of certifications and make it big with the good packages in top companies. Wait no more!

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