A Tutorial On How To Start Day Trading

You will need more than a day trading app to start trading. When you want to start trading, you can use a broker to execute the trade on the market. Brokers are very important when it comes to trading. Here are a few things you should consider when picking a broker.


Speed of execution

There are high numbers of trade that you might make within a day. This means that the speed of execution is very important.



When the commission rates and the fees are low, day trading is likely to be more viable. It is crucial to minimize the trading costs to make more money.


Regulatory compliance

Always ensure that your broker is regulated. Brokers are legally obliged to protect the financial interests of their clients.



You will need assistance at some point irrespective of your day trading strategy. You should, therefore, look for online brokers with fast response times. The brokers you choose should also have strong customer support.


What can be traded?

Before you start trading, it is crucial to understand the things that can be traded. Here are some of the commonly traded things.



This is the foreign exchange currency. It is the most popular market and it is liquid. The volume of forex trading attracts day traders. There are different short-term opportunities in the trending currency pair. The availability of the unrivalled level of liquidity ensures that the closing and opening trades are slick and quick. There are a lot of ways you can trade foreign exchange. There is no central market for forex. This means that if you are a trader, you can trade for six days a week. Forex trading presents a great starting point for aspiring traders who have full-time jobs.



Nowadays, every stock trader has a day stock trading app to help them in stock trading. Stock trading intraday offers multiple opportunities than the buy and hold strategy. Traders can profit from falling prices. Leverage or margin also reduces the capital needed to open a position. You can, therefore, take a position on product announcement, latest news release and financial report and technical indicators.


Binary options

This is the most predictable and simplest trading method. The return on a successful trade and the timing are known in advance. Changes in regulation are pending and the sector is maturing. This makes the products to be offered by big brands. You need to know whether the value of the asset will rise or not. Understanding binaries are not hard and they offer different trading methods and they can play an important part in day trader’s portfolio.



There are day trading apps that can allow you to trade cryptocurrencies. The most popular cryptocurrencies are Ethereum and Bitcoin. In the past few years, cryptocurrencies have attracted new investors. We also have brokers in cryptocurrency trading that try to ensure that the retail access to the markets is not complicated. The blockchain technology is being simplified making it easy for everyone to trade.

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