Cakes for every Occasion

Cakes are the sweet dessert which is baked and is normally served as festive dish on various traditional occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, promotions, childbirth etc. It shares it features with pastries and pies which are other well-known desserts. The typical ingredients used to make cakes are flour, sugar, eggs, oil, baking soda and baking powder. Other ingredients could be nuts, fruits, cocoa and vanilla extract and can be iced with buttercream or chocolate icings.

Cakes can also be classified as per the occasion or festival. For example a pumpkin shaped cake can be used for Halloween celebration, Dora Cake can be used for kids’ party, wedding cakes for special weddings. They can also be made in various shapes and patterns such as conical cakes, cake balls, layer cakes, sheet cakes and even Swiss rolls.

The various cakes that can be used at various occasions are as under:

  1. Anniversary cake – When it comes to strengthening the bond of your marital bliss, the black forest cake can never disappoint you. The spongy chocolate layers are a treat for everyone’s taste buds and everyone loves this yummy cake.
  2. Valentines cake – If you are planning to express your loving desire for your loved one, then of course Valentines is a perfect occasion. A designer cake or maybe a truffle cake can help you express your deepest emotions. The gooey chocolate ganache cake is identical to happiness and contentment and therefore, there is no better option other than truffle cake.
  3. Christmas cake – This festive celebration is indeed incomplete without the traditional Christmas cake. Add this Rum cake full of berries, fruits and dry fruits to your Christmas feast and you will have a great time with your guests and visitors.
  4. Thanksgiving cake – A special cake to give thanks to the God for all his many blessings. Getting a chocolate fudge cake for this occasion will only double the celebration and festive spirit. Just one slice of this cake would make you more and more grateful to God for all the blessings you are showered with.
  5. Birthday cake – Not even kids, but the adults also get enthusiastic celebrating their birthdays. You can get a cake baked in various shapes such as guitar, flower, alphabet, cartoon etc. You can become as creative and artistic as you can be with this cake and surely your guests will love it. For kids’ birthday, Dora cake is a perfect option. There are a multiple number and variety of cakes available for birthday in the market and you can choose from them.

You can get the cakes made as per the personality of the person also. For example, for someone who likes to ride cars, you can get a cake in the shape of a car. Similarly if a woman like pink colour, you can get a cake baked and cover it with pink icing. Cakes can also be baked at home using the ingredients which can be procured from home easily. Though a number of sellers also sell the home baked cakes in the market these days.

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