Does Renting Furniture Make Sense?

Are planning to buy furniture? If so, then consider rethinking because purchasing furniture is a pricey affair. The prices of new furniture items do not just settle on the cost price, but hidden charges like that of pick up and maintenance also come into effect later. Apart from cost, the same new furniture becomes boredom after some time. And even if you want to change it, you cannot. Time and again you will console yourself by reminiscing the actual cost price and the maintenance charges that you will spend of the product. Now, because you’ve invested your hard earned money, you’ll be bound to use the product till the time in length. That sounds, freighted, right?

What if I tell you that you can own beautiful furniture for your home at inexpensive prices? Also, you can change the furniture whenever you feel you’re bored with the existing one. That’s something interesting! Start renting furniture to enjoy these perks. Getting Almirah on rent in Pune is or bed on rent in Mumbai has become child’s play since the time people had started accepting the concept of a shared economy.

Understanding Numbers

If you rent basic furniture items like almirah, double bed, refrigerator, and washing machine, you can get it at a monthly price of Rs. 3499/-. In this package, you get free delivery and pick up along with free maintenance.

The Pros of Renting

  • Easy on the Pocket- If you require furniture or appliances for a specific period, then renting is the best solution. You pay large payouts for each item if you purchase them while renting cuts down the costs to a great extent.
  • Easy Personalization- You can upgrade your furniture by just placing another request. It’s a hassle-free approach and requires your minimal or less efforts.
  • Free Delivery/Pickup- Once you’ve placed the order, you’ll receive it at your doorstep. No physical efforts involved! Also, when you feel you don’t need the item any longer, the service provider will get it picked up at zero cost.
  • Zero Maintenance Charges- You can expect to receive clean and hygiene items from your service provider. The company takes the responsibility of maintaining its furniture assets. However, that does not mean that you can put it to harsh use. You have to return it in the same condition as was provided to you. Else, in case of significant defects, you’ll have to bear the expenses.

Rent Furniture in Pune

Look around you; there must be many millennials who own just rented furniture (if they haven’t received it from someone else.) One of the most popular rental service providers in Pune is rentOne as it provides furniture and appliances at inexpensive prices. Whether if you need a specific item or a combo, they have everything set according to your needs.

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