Personalized Swim Caps: Understanding Its Use and Importance

We’ve all seen those swimmers with personalized swim caps that are made so awesome. Swim caps are swimmer’s best friend and they tend to personalize it based on their preference. Aside from fashion, these rubber caps provide protection for the hair from too much exposure to chlorine in the swimming pool. Chlorine contributes to dry hair especially if it is exposed for a long period of time.
How does chlorinedamage your hair?
Chlorine in pools stops bacteria and other microorganisms from growing and multiplying. Though it provides health protection, it also offers crucial effects to your hair. By the time your hair comes contact with chlorine, the chemicals in it pull off the natural oils of your hair, making the cuticle prone to drying out. When you hair cuticle splits, chlorine creates more damage to the inner cortex of your hair, responsible for keeping the hair strands at theplace.
How does swim caps offer protection?
It is important for frequent swimmers to have the right personalized swim caps. This is not just a beauty accessory but also avoids dryness of hair. Swim caps are often made available in different sizes. It is recommended to choose a size that perfectly suits your hair to avoid theleak of water as you swim. However, very tight swim caps causes hair damage, so it is just right to choose the perfect size for you.
What is the preparation for using swim caps?
Despite using swim caps, some water can still seep through your hair while you swim. To avoid causing too much damage to your hair, do not forget to rinse your hair every time you have a pool session and after doing so. Regular flowing water can act as a barrier for your hair against chlorinated water, prompting reduce dry effects on the hair cuticle. Also, it is advisable to put some leave-in conditioner into wet hair before you swim to create a layer of protection. Put some shampoo into your hair after your swimming session. There are specific shampoo and conditioner for swimmers that offers a neutralizing effect against chlorine in swimming pools.
What are the tips for dry hair?
You will first notice that your hair is dry after touching it. However, dry hair prompts other side effects such as split ends, dull color,and frizz. Swimmers who just started using swim caps cannot redo the effects of chlorine into their hair. Nonetheless, they need to find some helpful dry hair treatments to restore the condition of their hair back again. Applying some moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to your hair is very important while applying deep conditioners thrice a week gives more protection. Hair mask also offers aremedy for dry hair. Let is penetrate your dry hair by leaving it under your shower cap for about an hour.
Swimming can be fun and addictive. This activity is not entirely for professional swimmers but for people who just like to unwind. Good thing there are personalized swim caps that helps in minimizing the bad effects of chlorine and other irritants in the pool. Do not forget your swim caps the next time you go for a swim.

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