Should You Style Your House For Sale Yourself Or Call In A Professional?

House styling for sale is one of the basic needs that buyers look at when buying any house. When it is time that you want to sell your house, it is advisable you style it so as to impress your potential buyers There are different ways to improve the appearance of your house, some people do start with painting the interior of the house while some start with fixing the exterior of the house, but all are done for the same purpose, to enhance the look of the house. When you set your mind to improve the look of your house, you may try to see how you can lay hardwood floors or how to install new furniture and other accessories. These are good ideas to improve the inside but to lure the attention of others and possible buyers, House styling can be done by a professional stylist or you can do it yourself.

Hiring a professional stylist

There are different ways to improve the appearance of your house. The best styling can give your house a winning edge. The stylist offers a range of available services including a ‘walk-through’ consultation, during which the stylist gives recommendation on how to rearrange some rooms; a mid-level service, in which the stylist changes some of your furnishings with chosen display pieces, and installation of the furniture and some other accessories, which may require your belongings and you being moved out during the sales process. For a stylist or a professional home staging agency to implement a full installation for a two-bedroom house over a one- week campaign, expect to pay at least $100-$200, depending on the stylist and the nature of the work.

Hiring Furniture

For perfect styling, it’s a good idea to refresh the inside with some stylish new decoration items and furniture to make sure your house has the best look. To avoid spending a lot more on brand new furniture just before you pack, you can hire what you require throughout the period before the house is sold.

If you decide to style your house yourself, just have a simple reason first. “You will like it when people walk into your house and find themselves there,”

 Look at the following tips for doing it yourself

–          Avoid personal photos and the rooms should not be over decorated

–          Manage natural light

–          All the beds should be well dressed to have a simple, tailored look

–          The house should be swept and cleaned on daily basis to maintain its sparkle

–          Arrange vases of fresh flowers around the house. Ensure they are not too perfumed and check the water regularly

–          Create free surfaces

All the above hints are the amazing steps to guide you when doing your house styling yourself. You will try to make your house captivating with an exciting interior and exterior, to capture to attention of the buyers.

These are the tips you need to enable you to choose between DIY house styling and hiring professionals to undertake your property styling for sale. The option you eventually choose will depend, to a large extent, on you, your personality, and your personal requirements and preferences.

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