Take A Religious Tour To Ahmedabad

In this busy life and hectic schedule, we often forget to reconnect with our spirituality. We do take vacations to relax, but we don’t realise that we need to reconnect with our spiritual side before we completely loose it to this world.
Now, if I were to give you an option between two travel destinations; one being a religious spot and the other being fun destination. Which would be your pick? I know your obvious pick would be some place fun and adventurous. But what if I told you that I have a city in mind that could offer you both?
You could have the benefit of undergoing a religious tour, as well as many other fun things. I know this has definitely gotten your attention. Do you wish to know the city I am talking about? The city is none other than the pride of Gujarat- Ahmedabad.
Ahmedabad has gained fame because of various good reasons. The textile mills, the famous navratri season, the heritage resorts in Gujarat already pull enough of tourists every year. But apart from these the place also has a number of religious places. I am very sure visiting these places will definitely bring a sense of calm into your mind and you will feel much relieved.
In my post today, I am going to list out some top religious and spiritual places to visit in and around Ahmedabad.

  • JummaMasjid– It was founded in the year 1424 during the period of Ahmed Shah I.
  • SwaminarayanTemple– It is located in kalupur area, and it was the first temple dedicated to the Swaminarayan sect.
  • Rani SipriMosque– It was opened in the year 1514 and was previously known as Rani asni’s mosque.
  • Sabarmati Ashram– The ashram that played a vital role during the independence fight.
  • SwaminarayanAkshardhamMandir– It is a Hindu temple complex inspired by Pramukh Swami.
  • SiddiSaiyadJaliMasjid- It was built in 1572 AD and is very famous in there.
  • Sidi Bashir Mosque- also very commonly known as the jhultaminar, this mosque was formed in the year 1452
  • Ahmed Shah Badshah’s Tomb– Also very commonly known as the Badshah no Hajiro, it is one of the most ancient tombs in there.
  • Hazrat Sheikh Ahmed KhattuGanj– This was opened in the year 1451 and is basically a tomb complex.

So, this was the list of some of the most visited religious places in and around Ahmedabad. These places are a must visit, and even if you don’t see yourself to be a very holy person, you could pay a visit to these places as a tourist. These religious places have ancient architecture and intricate works done so it which would definitely impress you.
Apart from these, there are a number of interesting things to do over there. But for that you have to visit and explore the city to the fullest. So, start looking for the best Gujarat hotels available and plan a trip that you would cherish throughout your life.

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