The Advantages of SAP HANA Database

SAP HANA is an application that is marketed and developed by SAP SE and it is a relational database management system that is used for storage and retrieval of data as requested by other business enterprise applications. It is a database server that has the key features of in-memory data storage and column-oriented management.

SAP HANA has many vital functions such as performing advanced analytical operations which include predictive analytical data, text analysis, spatial data analysis, streaming analysis, and graph data analysis. It also doubles as an application server which is functional with ETL capabilities.

The in-memory and column-oriented database system that is inherent in SAP HANA differentiates the software from its previous versions. It supports OLTP (Online Transaction Processing System) and OLAP (Online Analytical Programming System) into one single capsule which makes it the SAP OLTAP system.

SAP HANA provides faster querying and processing which occurs due to the storage of data in the main memory. Although it is costly, this storage process leads to faster data access which improves its performance by gigantic measures.

Dynamic Tiering’ is a simple process which is used by SAP to reduce costs with Stechies. The observation of data patterns revealed that 85% of the data stored in an enterprise system is not used or accessed frequently. It is better to store 15% of the data in the main memory while storing the remaining 85% on the hard disk.

The advantages of SAP HANA

  1. Performance-
    The SAP HANA flagship program is the S/4 HANA. Many benefits can be achieved with the speed that S/4 HANA works at because it helps in gaining maximum benefits from the data. For instance, a financial team can run many jobs simultaneously and these jobs can be run multiple times for refining results. S/4 HANA is instrumental for any complex and time-driven business to get top-notch performance that includes execution, reporting, real-time planning, improved forecasting, prompt period closing and various analytics of live data. It focuses on customer relations.
  2. Efficiency-
    SAP Fiori is supported by SAP HANA at the backend, and it is the user interface which proposes a user-friendly view of the real-time business insight and data available on any device. This attaches a remarkable business advantage over other enterprise software. The incorporation of Fiori not only increases productivity but also helps SAP S/4 HANA and SAP SoH HANA in facilitating transactions using one single app. The user experience can be enhanced by the option of ‘screen fill out’.
  3. Data Management is Optimized-
    Data delays are prevented due to reduced operation monitoring costs by the usage of SAP HANA. Employees in an organization can directly send reports to the top management from their ERP databases through the prompt usage of SAP HANA business tools. SAP HANA Live help can be used to make quicker and improved decisions.
  4. Simple design-
    The simple design of SAP HANA reduces issues with data settlement and promotes one single source of truth. The cloud-based storage platform that SAP brings to the table helps in centralizing hardware and network platforms radically which brings a large amount of simplicity to the complete IT landscape of any organization.

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