What Goes on In the Background of The Horse Racing Sport?

Among all the other internationally acclaimed sports in the world, horse racing is also worth a mention. Though it started almost two hundred years back, its popularity still exists at its peak and never tends to fade away. As it is horse racing, one of the most critical elements of this sport is horses. It is imperative to train and feed the horses properly to make them run the race and win it. Horses are treated like humans; they are taken care of very lavishly. Like every ordinary human is relieved of their leg or joint pains with heat and cold compression, it is the same with horses as well. Their super fast speed and sprints along with the continuous practice hours make them endure excruciating pain. So for this reason, even separate medical teams are also hired.

How to take care of racehorses?

Taking care of racehorses is not an easy errand at all. Not only do they need to be given proper food and medical assistance, but at the same time, they must maintain an appropriate routine. Before any race or after an exhausting practice, the legs of the horses need ice or cold bath to avoid inflammation of the ligaments. Further infrared blankets are essential to treat the soreness of the horse’s legs.

Maintaining a schedule is necessary

It is a daily routine that the horses are exercised in a specific method and at a particular time every day to make them ready for their next race. However, this is not enough, after every run, the tired horses are brought to the barn to be cooled down. They are made to walk and gallop slowly to their barn so that their heartbeat reaches to the standard rate. Moreover, one crucial point that is kept in mind is that they are never fed anything soon after the race. Because doing so would only choke them to death.

What is the founder?

The founder should never happen to the horses. The founder is a condition when the hooves of the horses become hot and painful if they are fed soon after the race. So, to get rid of this disease and to keep the horse’s legs smooth, they are made to stand on a clay mixture which is known as a poultice.

Trainers train the racing horses with care

The horses give it their all to make their master win, without having any knowledge may be of what is going on. There are specializes trainers who look after the horses. Moreover, with every success, it is all the hard work of the trainer that pays off well. Several unfortunate trainers rely on the win to earn their simple livelihood. The trainers are commonly known as grooms who put in all the hard work but never comes up front to show their face when their horse wins. The TVG racing schedule also never has shown the trainer’s name but only the name of the horses.

Though the horseracing sector has improved a lot, still other developments are still left to be worked upon.

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