4 Quick Ways to Use Salt for Cleaning

As per the Salt Institute, there are about 14,000 you can use salt apart from cooking. Since the salt is such an amazing multi-tasker, you might won’t be able to think of another versatile mineral. It was quite difficult to obtain salt earlier. But with modern technology, sophisticated machinery and latest innovative methods, it’s much easier to get the salt. And as you see in the malls, it’s nowadays a readily available nonmetallic mineral in the world.
It’s something that has never been missing from your kitchen. However, salt can be of great help when it comes cleaning. In case your doctor doesn’t allow you to consume salt for whatever health issues, just take advantage of using it for cleaning. So let’s dive in
Cleaning Cast Iron Pan
Why people love cast iron so much? It’s all because this pan is quite favorable to the way you cook. But after that, you need to be reasonable too. In fact, it’s delicate that should be cleaning in a really specific manner. In that case, salt can be of great help when it comes to cleaning cast iron. Here’s how you do it;

  • Fill up half of the pan with water
  • Sprinkle the table salt in it
  • Put it on medium heat
  • Wooden spatula will be helpful to scrape off anything remaining on the bottom
  • Dump it out and wipe away with the paper towel

Stainless Steel, Stained. What???
Like seriously! But it happens too. Whether you are quite fond of tea or coffee, you might have seen some stains on the stainless steel as well especially your coffee maker. In that case, here’s how you get rid of stains. Just take the internal machine out, pour in some salt, use half of the lemon to agitate the salt around the stained area, rinse it and before you see inside, you’ll see all the stains gone.
Cutting Boards are Amazing
Whether it’s the housewives or the professional housemaids in UAE, they often stumble upon dirty cutting boards that turn so difficult for them to clean. Therefore, cleaning this boards is an important task as it somehow adds up to the look of your kitchen. So how you do this? Nothing other than the table salt and half of the lemon would be required.
Just sprinkle the table salt and spread it over the cutting board. Take half of the lemon and squeeze the juice all around its surface, scrub it in a circular motion just like a sponge. These natural ingredients will help lift up all the dirt, stains and odor. In the end, just give it a quick rinse, dry it well and lay it against the wall perpendicular to the surface.
Stains Out of your Clothes
Who said it’s only the kitchen where you can use the salt? Try it in your laundry once especially when you stumble upon the stubborn stains and sweat marks. Here’s how you do it. Just put 4 tbsp. of salt in a bucket of hot water of hot water. Using the sponge, rub the piece of cloth until that mark disappears. And you’re done.

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