5 Key Business Benefits Of Using Interactive Whiteboards To Enhance Workflow

A digital flipchart can now be easily created and used by businesses thanks to modern interactive whiteboards. The boards are the old workplace and classroom staple’s technological evolution. Their presence isn’t essentially new, but their value as important benefits to presentations and meetings has only come to the fore of modern-day business. This article brings 5 key ways in which they truly enhance workflow.

  1. Meetings become collaborative productions

Rather than spend thirty minutes scribbling a one-way presentation across a whiteboard or sliding it across a PowerPoint, this type of board enables all participants in any meeting to actually engage with any information that’s being discussed. Files become easily accessible, shared, edited, as well as saved all on the board. You become capable of iterating in real-time, effecting alterations to whatever topic happens to be at hand as you get feedback from colleagues.

  1. Communication

Apart from being capable of sharing files with those that are in the meeting, these boards also enable you to easily share your screen with them if, you have remote attendees. Everybody will then be dealing with the same information thus, ensuring that every single collaborator is on a similar track as all others. When the presentation or meeting comes to an end, you will be able to print, email, and share everything that was discussed.

  1. Annotation of documents

When annotation is mentioned here, it doesn’t mean scribbling a note in a varying coloured marker; it means effecting persistent and effective alterations to documents. This even includes options like flipcharts online. For example, certain smart screens can be utilized to annotate and interact on top of some 3D models, estimating software, hyperlinked drawing sets, videos, as well as any other applications that are used in the construction sector, to further enhance the workflow of your business’ documents and communication.

  1. Mobile connectivity

With the use of the appropriate hardware, you will be capable of connecting your board to every Android as well as iOS smart device. And this is quite possible with the use of just a single application. This certainly means a range of interconnectivity and data sharing that is even much greater for your business. The best part of everything is that you will no longer need to decipher anybody’s cryptic scramble or marker scrawl to jot any fast moving slides down.

  1. Touch technology (no more need for dry erase markers)

Forget all finicky pointers and the mouse. All presentation information is now at your fingertips – you could use between one and all fingers to gesture and interact with these boards. Enhanced efficiency with an extra bonus of no marker stains on hands.

Anybody that grew up before kids started bringing iPads to class, instead of textbooks, will remember days of boards that featured glossy white finish, the sponge-like erasers, and the pungent smell of markers that always appeared to be drying out. Chances are that, long after you’ve graduated from grade school, you have come across modern technology and related workflows like a digital flipchart in your work environment. So, chances also are, it’s maybe time for you put those marker pens you’ve been using down definitively.

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