Green Tea: Why People Have an Admiration for it?

Many of you have a deep rooted love for tea, right? There are many people who start the day and end it with a cup of tea. Tea is actually a central thing in the lives of people. Whether you drink it once a day or twice or even more; it fills you with freshness and energy. Of course, there are different types of teas too like black tea, green tea, and so on. People have their different preferences, and they are proud to be a tea lover.

Now talking about a popular tea ‘green tea,’ it has become preference of many people. You can even buy green tea online Australia if you want. The good part is that the tea is revitalizing and not at all bad for your health. You can even munch on the homemade green tea too. Some people even feel that green tea is the healthiest beverage on planet!

Talking about green tea, it is packed with antioxidants and nutrients that have influential effects on body. These encompass improved brain function, a lower risk of cancer, fat loss and various other impressive benefits. You know various plant compounds in this tea leaves do turn it into final drink that contains huge amounts of significant nutrients. It might also interest you that tea is rich in polyphenols that do possess effects like diminishing inflammation and helping to fight a deadly ailment like cancer.

If you talk about green tea, it is nearly 30 percent polyphenols by weight, encompassing huge amounts of EGCG. Catechin are natural antioxidants that prove really helpful in preventing cell damage and cater different other benefits too. These are the substances that can reduce formation of free radicals in body, guarding cells and molecules from any type of damage. These free radicals are popular because they play a role in aging and all types of ailments.

Green tea also possesses tiny amounts of minerals that are vital for health. It would be better if you pick a higher quality brand of green tea or simply go with a renowned homemade green tea. It is because some of lower quality brands might possess extreme amounts of fluoride.

Most of the people rely on tea so as to keep themselves awake. But this green tea is not just about keeping you awake those late nights for your projects, it also help you get smarter. The main active ingredient is caffeine and that is a recognized stimulant. This caffeine has been intensively studied before and steadily heads to improvements in diverse aspects of brain function. These are like vigilance, improved mood, reaction time and of course memory. However, your beloved green tea contains more than only caffeine. It also possesses the amino acid L-theanine that means it is in the position to cross the blood-brain fence.

So, what can be more happening than sipping your cup of tea and nurturing your body and mind with freshness and health? And don’t forget if you pick some tea products, you might also be contributing some income for poor and needy kids. After all a portion of your expenditure on the tea is used for kids!

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