Here Is Why You Should Cut Down on Your Sugar Intake

Although a lot of people can’t live without sugar, it really isn’t a very good edible to consume. Excessive intake of sugar doesn’t just cause problems in oral health but also one’s overall health. If you don’t know what harmful effects over-consumption of sugar could have, then read on the following. Below, you find all the harmful effects of sugar-

1.Sugar is the biggest foe of children. Kids love eating sugar-loaded food items like ice-creams, pastries, donuts, candies etc. And because they fail to clean their mouth properly, the sugar remains stuck to their teeth. These small sugar particles attract germs, which then cause tooth decay. If you want to save your child from problems such as tooth decay, bad breath etc. then checking their sugar intake is highly advisable.

2.An important reason why doctors ask their patients to stay away from sugar is because it has no nutritive value. So, when you take sugar you get no nutrition but a lot of empty calories. This calorie content might cause diseases like diabetes. And that is why it’s best not to take a lot of sugar-loaded food. Instead, you can take stevia, which is a sweetening agent derived from plants. You can take white stevia powder in place of sugar to make your food taste sweet. Stevia is a boon for people who love to binge on sugary food but fear to do so, knowing it would cause harm to their body.

3.Sugar is loaded with chemicals. Although people believe it is derived from sugarcane, it loses all the nutritional value of sugarcane due to over processing of the product. As a result, all you get is carbs and nothing else. Besides, you load your body with unwanted chemicals that go into the manufacturing of commercial sugar.

4.Sugar is a little addictive in nature. When you take sugar regularly, you feel like having it on days when you think of not consuming it. Even small children get addicted to sugar sweetened food items. As a result, they show tantrums when they are not given their favourite candy or chocolate. It’s very difficult to make children quit the habit of overeating sugar sweetened foods, and that is why you should see to it that such a habit doesn’t develop in the first place.

5.If you have some microbial infection in the body, then it would be wise of you to stay away from sugar and sugary food articles. Why? Because microbes, especially fungi feed on sugar, and a constant supply of sugar could cause them to breed uncontrollably. If you want to get rid of any microbial infection, it would be best to cut down on your sugar intake completely.

So, now you know how harmful the consumption of sugar is. Hence, when you feel like eating something sweet, bite on some fruit. A banana is a great way to kill your sugar cravings. As an alternative, you can use stevia powder. There is no dearth of stevia manufacturers in India.

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