Some Practical Ideas for Fencing

A fence surrounding your garden is not only functional but adds to the style and good looks of your home. Add structure and privacy to the garden using one of the following practical and stylish fence ideas:

A welcome to guests

A charming inclusion to any private garden is a white, classic picket fence. All the more so, when combined with a complementary gate and arbour. Such a type of low fence defines the space as well as offers unobstructed, beautiful views. An invitation for further exploration is provided by an arbour and pathway.

Simplifying the looks

The white, classic picket fence is provided a modern look with vinyl which has low maintenance. It maintains its immaculate look and there is no requirement to paint again, because you purchase the fence in any colour you desire- like, white.

In case, a white coloured fence looks austere in the yard, soften its looks by weaving clematis, rambling roses or any other plants inside the pickets.

Ensure it is strong and sturdy

Secure rails of wood fence with a pillar made of brick. Do matching of bricks to those used in the patio or your home, such that décor elements are complementary. Cap the column of brick using a piece of flat slate for shedding water. Wood fences can be sourced from companies that provide timber supplies Gold Coast.

Ensure privacy

Interest and privacy are created by stakes which are tightly packed. Bamboo may be packed inside a frame made of upright, sturdy timbers. Make a fun contrast of texture by making use of flower plants in beds which line the panels.

Add decorations for embellishing

Dress up plain and simple picket fences using garden art. For instance, use framed and painted metal stars for matching the colour scheme in the fence. You can leave such art permanently or change it as per holiday or season.

Turn to geometric

Provide a modern feel or look with attractive rails. For maintaining the straight, long lines as well as tightly bound formality of remainder of landscape, such a fence can make use of horizontal rails of wood which are toughened using diagonal boards, having a triangular design. You can also attach wire meshing inside your fence for deterring unwelcome creatures.

Provide a focal point

For an amusing touch for the garden, paint the picket fence with a bright colour. It will complement the quirky garden art perfectly like brightly coloured containers for plants or monkeys dangling from trees. Also, it adds a dash of colour in the winter season.

For old-world charm

For stately and elegant combination of fences, alternate panels of wrought iron fitted with finials and stone columns which are mortared. Decorate the pillars of stone using clay pots of colourful blooms like begonias for a beautiful look.

Go colourful with paint

Are you confused about what paint to apply? Apply them all! Include some black trim for contrast and you will be left with an elegant row of huge crayons- a whimsical touch to set apart the space for sake of a kid’s garden.

Top with contrast

Provide additional feature to a classic privacy fence through using a panel of contrast. The job can be done by standard panels of lattice. You can even make a unique pattern by making use of perforated panels of aluminium framed in cedar to complement it.

These are some options for fencing for your home.

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