Top 5 Common Knobs To Pick From

When it comes to styling your home, you need the best of equipments and the best of advice. Any mistake on either ends could make your home look absolutely disastrous. We often look into the bigger things of interior decor like the furniture and the decor and the themes. What we often overlook are the minute details of decor. What one doesn’t realise is that these things and decisions related to them are also pretty important and whether you know it or not, people notice the tiniest of things at your place.
In my article today we are specifically going to be discussing door knobs and cabinet knobs. Knobs are very important part of your door and cabinets. But their importance is not just defined by their use but also by their style. Some of the most common kinds of knobs are the following:

  1. Glass knobs- they look very stylish and look very dainty. But one might be surprised that they are quite tough and made for regular use and can go on for years. Yet if you think having them placed on your door could put their life span at risk then you could have glass knobs for cabinets at least. Because you have to agree nothing brings class like they do.
  2. Brass knobs- brass gives your furniture a very nice antique touch. Not just furniture but also cabinets and doors. If you have the taste of a medieval home decor and your furniture and wood work complement this theme then I think going with the brass door knobs would be in your best interest. They have a long life and they do not go out of fashion whatsoever.
  3. Black glass knobs- now I know you would say this should come under the category of glass knobs. But I kept it as a separate open because they deserve it! Black altogether makes a whole new level and a whole different category. They go well with dark decor ideas. Black and grey are some of the most common decor ides which play along with black knobs and cabinet pulls.
  4. Steel knobs- they are one of the most common ones that you could ever find. They might be ordinary but with a good decor sense, you could be surprised how well they could go along with almost anything. They are very convenient to find and have a long life expectancy.
  5. Wooden knobs- now these knobs do not have to necessarily be made of wood. They look exactly like wood and have the same shine any polished wooden furniture would look like. Again depending on the style of interior you choose for your home, these knobs are chosen. Their life expectancy is also pretty good but they do require some gentle handling.

Here were the 5 most common kinds of knobs you can see. In my article we spoke about knobs from the cabinet glass knobs to the steel pulls. Which of these are going to be your pick?

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